The trailer conversion (including taking an angle grinder to cut the hatch opening, filling over 100 holes and sanding for over 10 full days), the food we source and produce, the website and graphics have all been created by us because we love what we do.

It’s our belief that the best produce makes the tastiest food! This is why we respect the British seasons as you can’t beat fresh food grown in season in the British Isles. Our commitment to creating a sustainable street food stall is why we use compostable packaging. The only plastic you’ll find in our catering trailer is the recycled kind.


Ryan and Louise met in North Wales, and their mutual love of food was confirmed over a late night feast It took 3 years till they took the plunge to buy a 40 year old horse trailer and begin their street food journey.

Neither of them never having had horses, the first time inside a horse trailer was the day they bought the horse trailer you see today. Abandoned to rot away, they rescued the trailer from rust. In the course of 2 months, in the bitter cold, wind and snow they lovingly (with only a little blood, sweat and tears!) converted into the first class catering trailer you see today.